Monitoring RFP Update

On November 30, the CCPRF issued an RFP for media monitoring and measurement services. Several suppliers submitted proposals by the December 17 deadline.

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in this process and, especially, to the bidders.

The CCPRF is striking a subcommittee of members who will meet in early January to review the proposals in detail and then lead a discussion at our full CCPRF January meeting.

If the initial review of proposals yields a clear winner, we will contact the winning bidder and the unsuccessful bidders to inform them of the outcome. On the other hand, if there’s no clear winner, we may ask a subset of the bidders to meet with us via teleconference to discuss their proposals prior to determining a preferred supplier.

Bottom line: Our selection process may be wrapped up in mid-January or it could take a few weeks longer.

Look here for further news about this process.