The Point of Social Marketing, Influence, Gangnam Style & Kevin Bacon – NOW Trending @SO_pr, September 17 2012

Here’s what’s trending for the Toronto PR team at Strategic Objectives!

SO ANNOUNCED: Toronto PR Agency, Strategic Objectives Wins at PR Daily Awards

Strategic Objectives president, Deborah Weinstein was in Washington, DC last week at the first ever PR Daily Awards where Strategic Objectives picked up two awards! We are SO proud to announce that we won Best Cause Related Marketing program for The Body Shop Canada’s STOP S*x Trafficking of Children and Young People and an Honourable Mention in Best Product Launch for Magnum Ice Cream Bar for Unilever! These two honours will be added to our list, cementing our position as Canada’s most award-winning PR agency! You can read more about our awards here.


Social Media Marketing – What’s the Point?

In this article from Forbes, Lois Geller (@LoisGeller) spends some time looking at big brands and their social media presence – what’d she find? A lot of squatters. What’s a squatter? A brand that claims their Twitter handle but has no strategy whatsoever. What’s worse than no strategy? A strategy in a silo. Social media/marketing/PR/business goals/growth metrics/analytics should all be in the SAME field, playing together. Separate strategies that don’t compliment one another are completely useless. This is why, at Strategic Objectives, we preach “Social PR” and our programs are truly integrated. You can read more about “the point?” here.

Meet the Big Tech Trends Changing Marketing

Social media is heavily influenced by the latest in technology. Will the new iPhone5 give a community manager/marketer/PR an advantage over an individual using a Blackberry Pearl from 2008? Maybe! Ad Age explore the link between technology and marketing and how everything is working together, faster. You can read it here.

If You’re Interested in Influence, Social Scoring is of Historic Importance

Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, etc are all a hot button and hot topic of conversation. Some hate, others love, the idea of social scoring and ranking “influence”. According to Mark Schaefer (author of Return On Influence), “a nobody like me can become an influencer. And that’s pretty cool. Influence has been democratized—and, with Klout, quantified.” You can read more about the historic influence of social scoring here. If, as the title of the article suggests, you’re interested.


Apple, It’s Time to Make Something New

A Hype-Cycle View of Social Media

Greatest Social Marketing Challenges Into 2013

5 Ways Your Business Should Use Hashtags

Social Media Marketing: Don’t Forget the Message


If you haven’t seen PSY’s “Gangnam Style”, it’s pretty entertaining. Did you know that there’s actually a subversive message within South Korea’s Music Video Sensation. Sure is. Read about it (and check out the video) here.


3 Things that Separate Leaders from Managers

Innovation, Inspiration, and the right questions. Well we certainly just gave away those “three things” but there’s more to it than that. What does a leader do that a manager does not? Do you want to be “just a manager” or do you want to be an inspiring leader? If you want to be an inspiring leader, you should read this.


… of Kevin Bacon. One of those great games to play on a road trip just got Google-ified. Google will now give you all of the answers to the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon on its home page. How? Read more here.


Around the office, some of us are obsessed with Honey Boo Boo. Earlier, we told you about PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. What would happen if you mashed both together? This:

YouTube Preview Image