CASACOM wins two major public relations awards for the successful introduction of Michaels Stores in Quebec

CASACOM recently distinguished itself by sweeping up two of the most prestigious awards in the Quebec and Canadian public relations industry. CASACOM indeed earned these honours for the comprehensive public relations and marketing program its team developed for the simultaneous opening of the first seven Michaels stores in Quebec. Specifically, CASACOM won Platinum in the category of External Public Relations Program of the Prix d’excellence contest given by the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP), as well as Gold in the category of Canadian Marketing Communications Campaign of the Year from the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) in its Awards of Excellence program.

“Our team is thrilled by these honours. They are a testament to the excellence of our strategic counsel, the calibre of our execution, and the passion of each person who played a part in this monumental project. What’s more, these awards celebrate the daring and determination of our client, as well as the trust it places in us, for which we are deeply grateful,” shared Annick Bélanger, Managing Partner of the Montreal Office of CASACOM.

Michaels: a remarkable, respectful entry into Quebec
It goes without saying that entering a new market requires a solid business plan, but just as importantly, it takes an adapted relations approach. CASACOM was at Michaels’ side through every step of the 18-month process leading up to the inauguration of the seven stores. “In addition to developing a strategic communications plan, we counselled Michaels on a number of key decisions. The Michaels team was thus able to understand the subtleties of the Quebec market and adapt its approach accordingly,” said Ms. Bélanger.

The total media reach surpassed 55 Million in neutral or positive media hits, not to mention 25,000 unique visitors to a microsite developed specifically to name a Quebec spokesperson, and some 6,000 Francophone Facebook friends who subscribed to the official Michaels page. To learn more about the five key decisions taken by Michaels, read about it on the CASACOM blog.

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