PR firms play nice in the sandbox

As a PR professional and entrepreneur I have lots of competitors. The multi-nationals, mid-sized independents, small boutiques and the one (wo) man bands.

There is no shortage of PR talent. But what separates the “I love people” and “I can organize a great party” people from those with knowledge, experience, resources, and stability?

In Toronto we’re fortunate to be home to the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms, twenty-five and climbing leading PR consultancies who represent thought leadership, ethical business practices, and solid credentials. CCPRF firms meet eligibility criteria in terms of minimum number of employees and billings, but the greatest scrutiny comes with being vetted by your peers (and competitors). You can bet these agency heads and decision makers have a great memory when it comes to playing fair.  Ironically, while one would think that we’d be a secretive, paranoid bunch there is plenty of chatting going on about issues of common interest and some sharing too. In short, being in the room and not a fly on the wall has made me appreciative of my colleagues and their values in generating and conducting business in an ever challenging environment.


Carol Levine (@Carol_levine) is co-founder and Managing founder of energi PR, digital, communications, an award-winning independently owned Canadian PR consultancy established in 1990 with offices in Toronto and Montreal. energi PR is the Canadian affiliate of the Public Relations Global Network, providing expertise in consumer and healthcare public relations to national and multinational brands. Carol is the immediate past Chair of the Canadian Council of Public Relations firms and is a 2013 Inductee in the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame as well as a Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society.