Members shall practice according to the highest professional standards
The highest standards of professionalism will be upheld in our work and our relationships. The industry has well established guidelines through professional organizations such as CPRS and IABC, as well as our individual firms. We expect each of our employees to commit themselves to those standards.

Members will protect the integrity and confidentiality of client information
Council firms and their employees will respect client confidences and the privacy of their information. Members shall practice the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, integrity and truth, and shall not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information. Third party relationships with spokespeople, bloggers, partners and allies will be open and transparent.

Members will deal fairly and honestly with each other
Members shall not malign or intentionally damage another practitioner’s practice or professional reputation.

Members shall deal fairly with employees, contract personnel and interns
Council firms will compensate and treat their employees, contract personnel and interns fairly as directed by industry guidelines and their provincial Employment Standards Act. Interns that provide a benefit to the firm, such as usable and billable work, will be compensated at minimum wage or more. Members will provide employees with the necessary tools to serve their clients and opportunities to develop their professional skills.

Members value diversity and inclusion in our profession
A diverse workforce that includes individuals of different backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives strengthens our member firms and the profession. Members will adopt policies that assure equal opportunity for all job candidates without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or any other basis.

Members will advance the knowledge of our profession
In a profession that is changing rapidly, it is critical for the members of our organization to share information and learning that will advance our profession and our work for our clients. While it is critical that we maintain the highest confidentiality for our clients learning that will be for our collective benefit will help advance all of our member firms.