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energi PR is one of Canada’s leading independent, bilingual, public relations and integrated communications agencies. From interpreting high science in the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare sector to advocating for greater access to medical cannabis, from explaining the health benefits of travel and food products to promoting innovation in Canada’s aerospace and cleantech industries, we have been telling powerful stories and building successful relationships and brands for over 30 years.

As an award-winning Canadian owned agency, we are flexible, accountable, service oriented, and differentiated by the integral role our senior multi-disciplinary communicators play in every client mandate. We are known for finding solutions to complex business challenges. energi PR is also the sole Canadian agency partner of Global Health Marketing & Communications (GHMC), the largest and most robust network of independent healthcare agencies worldwide dedicated to improving outcomes through the delivery of dynamic health-lingual experiences that drive meaningful global change.

energi PR leads with excellence. We are experienced, hands-on PR practitioners. We are agile and entrepreneurial, challenging standards and approaches in our field, bringing life to compelling ideas and guiding our clients and their brands through the most complex business challenges.