Welcome to the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms (CCPRF), the only national organization of leading public relations consulting firms operating in Canada. CCPRF members are dedicated to promoting the role of public relations in business strategy and organizational development and performance. We recognize the power of public relations and communications to help businesses and organizations advance their reputation and success.

CCPRF was founded to support public relations and communications firms in their ongoing quest for excellence. To provide the best to clients, a consultancy must be strong, professional, and operate with the integrity that is required to raise the standards of the profession, while providing communications solutions that will propel organizational success.

CCPRF is here to support its members as our profession continues to evolve and advance within the contemporary context of change. Our member-focused organization is devoted to advocating for our profession to advance its positive reputation and demonstrate the ongoing value and contributions our members make to communities, businesses and our country.

Public relations agencies are experiencing both tremendous growth and diversification. With that comes the need for firms and their leaders to be the forefront of how to run a highly successful consultancy reflective of our shared vision of being employers of choice in the profession.

CCPRF member firms bring the experience, ethics and resources to their clients, while providing valuable insights to help them make the right decisions and enable them to maintain and advance their relevance and success.

Choosing a CCPRF firm gives the assurance of the highest level of professionalism and is a vote for striving for excellence. I am honoured to represent the members of CCPRF and I encourage those searching for a communications agency to consider CCPRF membership as proof of leadership, trust, integrity and the highest standards.